Sri Lankan Culture and Hospitality

Sri Lankan culture and hospitality is second to none. Sri Lanka people are smilers and they all see themselves as hosts to this beautiful island.

 We have designed our villa and the experiences we give to our guests to make the very most of every sweet smile, every ray of sunshine and every sensory moment you will spend in Sri Lanka. Keep reading to see what historic Galle Fort offers and what you could do elsewhere on the island.

We insist you take off your shoes and feel at home while we give you adventure, culture and authentic people and experiences. Here are just a few of the wonderful activities, places and people you can enjoy when you stay with us. Whether staying at the villa or widely touring the island, we can organise your holiday for you.



“….Ceylon is where my heart is, you will leave a piece of yours here too….”  Dee Gibson


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Charming Galle Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site populated by locals and visitors alike. A lovely train ride from local Weligama station  or an easy tuk tuk ride away,

Dutch architecture abounds and beautiful colonial buildings house both residents as well as artisan shops selling gorgeous antiques, clothes and jewellery, restaurants serve local dishes and handmade ice creams and majestic traditional hotels serve afternoon tea on beautiful verandas. A truly wonderful place to meander and soak up the sights. It’s a breathtaking location. We have partnerships with some local jewellery shops too so if you want to buy some ready made pieces or even have them made to your liking we can direct you to one or two wonderful craftsmen.

A walk along the ramparts and past the old lighthouse is a must and you will often see school children practising sport or dance moves on the green and perhaps a monk or two, robes flowing in the wind, newly weds choose Galle as a favourite spot for their wedding photos – the brides look particularly stunning! Sunset sitting on the ramparts is a show with everybody taking a seat and watching in wonder as the sun drops over the horizon. it is heavenly.


For 1000’s of years, many religions have co-existed in harmony in Sri Lanka. Bhuddist and Hindu Temples are found across the island and some can be visited easily from the villa. The largest Bhuddist temple can be found at Beruwela  less than an hour away and an ancient, local pilgrims spot can be found on the old road to Weligama around the corner. Further afield, the caves at Dambulla are a must see as part of a wider island tour.


We have been organising island wide tours for some of our guests. The itinerary is bespoke to suit you and many of our guests have raved about climbing Sigirya all the way to the top, hiking up Adam’s peak to watch the sunrise and trekking through rainforests to bathe in waterfalls. Sri Lankan culture is so diverse it can be difficult to cover everything in one holiday. We help you to select the experiences you want.

Sigiriya is a fantastic outcrop in the middle of flat terrain – it was used by a Kandyan King as a refuge centuries ago after he committed patricide and stole the crown from his brother. A mind boggling feat of engineering was then employed to irrigate the rock, create plateaus and a fortress.

As you climb you will find plateaus where the castle once sat, along with a system of reservoirs and canals that watered the outcrop. After some years the King saw his brother was coming for him and ran off on an elephant and hid in the caves – he was found and killed and the fortress he created was handed to the monks.

It was rediscovered during the British era and has been carefully uncovered and is now looked after by UNESCO World Heritage.

Similarly the ancient ruins at Anuradhapura were uncovered after centuries of growth by jungle. Once the capital city of Ceylon, these beautiful ancient ruins are one of Asia’s most evocative sights. You can wander through the maze either on foot or by bike.

Watching the sunrise from this point in Ella  has got to be worth the early start to trek up – a bucket list moment.