Sri Lankan Cooking Class

 The Sri Lankan cookery class at Kalukanda House is very popular. Sri Lankan cuisine is world renowned for the incredible flavours produced by mixing selected spices in a magical way. Our chef will de-mystify the mouth watering dishes you will taste at the villa.

Healthy, satisfying dishes are our speciality and they are delicious, nutritious, and easy to cook. Chef will take you on a guided tour of local markets selling fish caught fresh from the sea and piles of coloured fresh vegetables. It is impossible not be inspired by him and the sights you will see.


“….it was by far the best food in all of our travels in Sri Lanka….” Dylan Ayaloo

Take a look at some of our favourite Kalukanda House recipes here

We get rave reviews about our food!  Our guests want to learn how to make favourites like Aubergine, Coconut sambol, creamy dhaal and prawn curries. Chef also has wonderful pasta dishes in his repertoire and his tangy salads are a huge success. If you don’t like your food spice, don’t worry we can adjust the heat to a level that suits you. Spicy does not have to mean hot.