July 2017: Progress photo editorial

Post published: 28th July 2017

July’s update of the house renovation is going to be more of a photo editorial. As part of my job as an Interior Designer, I watch transformations constantly, and on a really long project, it is often not until I do the finished photos and compare back to the starting point, that I remember what a journey it has been.

It often helps to take the steam out of what might have been a somewhat fraught journey for me and clients also love to see their homes from a 2D perspective, dressed and glossy and as others see it after a drastic renovation. After all, that’s why they come to me in the first place.

So July is going to be about putting a comma in the journey, to share how things are developing and how much they have changed from the beginning. We are roughly 60% of the way through, so still a way to go, but already so much achieved by the team.



This is why we decided to raze the house to the ground and re-build (not the original intention)….




This room was apparently the original kitchen. You can see the state of the walls and lack of necessary infrastructure – another level to go on top of these walls.

The rear of the house with outside WC


The space is to be opened up, and the contractors decided that structurally it would be better to start from scratch…this area will house the new bedrooms 


This image is from last August, the day we set eyes on the house. My view of beautiful, chocolate box with ornate detailing despite it’s interior decrepitude…


The plans that Velvet Orange drew up were working with the lines of the original house only extending to two levels. By June, the structure was up..


The original window shutters and doors were carefully taken out and stored for re-use before demolition work began. The exact same trim design around the roof edge is also being re-created for the new house..


In July, the stored windows and door frames started to go in, alongside newly made ones to match. We placed each and every original window and door either back into it’s original position or as close to it as possible.


The Front doorframe is going in (and I love a door!)…


These two are original door frames, from the same spot in the original house – they lead from interior out to the veranda dining/seating areas…


These windows are being fitted in one of the top bedrooms, the door on the left of the image leads to a balcony overlooking the garden – these are reproductions using Sri Lankan Jackwood


This is an image of the original side of the house facing the road – the wall was crumbling and entirely made of earth.


…so we built a new one….


Whilst all that goes on, meanwhile back on the plot, the diggers have rolled back onto site…(the house section below is the new replacement to the very first image on this post – here again so you can see easily)




The diggers arrived to turn THIS……… the pool…


Into THIS……the pool…



Although it’s most important to keep calm and carry on when you see THIS!…..


All the excavated earth will be used in the garden to level out at the back before landscaping, nothing is wasted on this site, I am looking forward to seeing the house again though.

We were very specific on the pool dimensions in every single way, including pool entry, how it moves from shallow to deep end, edging details etc…I may have gone on a bit (sorry team), but our wonderful Project Manager is taking time to get those dimensions right 🙂

Other team members start to create the wall behind the pool. The house is surrounded by stunning established trees near and on a gorgeous black cliff, the wall behind the pool at the boundary needs to be fortified to try and protect the tree roots and the pool deck area too.



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